Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use during classes and in other areas of the school can easily present a disruption to the educational environment on a day-to-day basis.

Cellphone Expectations:
  1. A student is allowed to have a cell phone in his/her possession on campus.
  2. During the school day (from the time a student arrives on campus until the end of school), the cell phone must be turned off and cannot be visible.
  3. The only reasons for school personnel to ask a student to surrender a cell phone would be:
    • If the cell phone rang or vibrated (which would mean that the phone was turned on), or
    • If the teacher saw the cell phone (which would mean that the phone was visible).
  4. When a cell phone is confiscated after a second violation, the phone is kept by school personnel until a parent/guardian repossesses the phone.
  5. If a student is found to be in violation of the cell phone policy and refuses to surrender the phone to the school employee when asked, the procedure and resulting consequences will be as follows:
    • A campus supervisor or an administrator will be called to escort the student to the office of an administrator.
    • A parent or guardian will be called and asked to come to the school at that time to discuss the situation and instruct the student to surrender the cell phone to the administrator.
    • If the student then surrenders the cell phone to the administrator, proper procedure will be followed according to the policy.